The 4-h standard

The 4-hour standard 2000€ + VAT (additional hours 400€/h)


The 4-hour standard is our most popular service. You can book this service for any day and the hours of your choosing, provided that the ferry hasn’t been booked for exactly this time. The 4-hour standard is well suited for baby showers, traditional sauna-evenings, corporate parties, summer festivities, bachelor parties and birthday parties for up to 60 people! The 4-hour standard includes use of the whole ferry, sauna, firewood, crew, coffee, tea, snacks (pretzels and nuts) and refreshments.

If your entourage wishes to dine on the ferry during the evening, it is possible to bring your own food. We do however suggest you acquaint yourself with the menu provided by our catering partner, Pitoisäntä.

The living room seats 22 people (6 by the bar, 6 in the sofas and 10 by the dining table)