Terms of reservation

We rent towels for 5 euros per towel, but we suggest you bring your own towel and swimsuit. The person reserving the ferry is responsible for their entourage during the entire time of reservation.

We retain the right to end the cruise of any person that endangers his or her safety or the safety of others. We also retain the right to cancel a reservation due to circumstances with the weather.

Stupid actions cause stupid bills! All equipment must be in the same condition as before the event. Broken or lost items or equipment will be billed separately after the reservation. Urinating is forbidden everywhere except the two toilets marked “WC”.

Our personnel is not only present to look after things, but want to make sure that you enjoy your stay on our sauna-ferry. We encourage the use of common sense. This makes our job much easier and also your stay on SummerSauna more enjoyable! This way we can all remain happy both during your stay and after.