SummerSauna standard services include the SummerSauna staff, a selection of snacks (pretzels and nuts), coffee, tea and refreshments. Our prices are not dependant on the number of participants at your event.

Each reservation also includes an afterparty at Namu & Showroom, more information here. If you desire additional staff this is possible for an extra fee. If you can not find a suitable service listed here, or if you would like to make a special reservation, please contact us by e-mail or phone so that we can tailor an event to suit our exact needs! - 0407438579 By becoming a sponsor you will receive a
host of great benefits, read more here.

On the SummerSauna sauna-ferry you can host incredible events to your exact liking! On the ferry you can have a bachelor party, birthday bash, meetings or why not a morning yoga session followed by a dip in the sea and a relaxing sauna. The SummerSauna sauna-ferry is registered as a rental boat for 60 people. When cruising a maximum umber of 12 guests is allowed in addition to the SummerSauna crew. When the ferry is docked up to 60 guests are allowed! If you have seen the SummerSauna sauna ferry ruising the seas with more than 12 people on board, this has been a private event (for example a sponsor event) and this is completely legal. If you are interested in ecoming a sponsor you can fin more information here.

Whatever ideas you have for your event, we at SummerSauna will do our utmost in cooperation with you to tailor the event to your wishes! So don’t be shy no matter what kind of special event you have in mind. We are sure we can make it work! Contact us: - 0407438579