Namu & Showroom is SummerSauna’s official after-party venue! Every SummerSauna reservation includes VIP-access to Namu and Showroom. The VIP card allows you to walk past the line, and entry is free. You can also book a VIP table at Namu or Showroom. You can find more info on different VIP table packages below. Namu and Showroom age limits apply. Showroom is available to everyone aged 24 or older. Exceptions can be made with large groups where only a few participants are younger than 24.

Opening times and age limits during summer:


Tue-Thu 22-04, age limit 18
Fri 22-04,  al 20
Sat 22-04, al 22
Sun 22-04, al 18


Fri-Sat 22-04, age limit 24.


    Table reservation packages

    1. Large entourage 10-20 people 600€

    • Entry passed the line
    • Free entry for your entourage (reg. price 10€/person)
    • Private table/sofa area
    • Personal waiter
    • 1 bottle of Belvedere Magnum 1,75L vodka + desired mixers
    • 2 bottles of Freixenet Mia sparkling wine

    2. Small entourage 5-10 people 300€

    • Entry passed the line
    • Free entry for your entourage (reg. price 10€/henkilö)
    • Private table
    • Personal waiter
    • 1 bottle of Grey Goose vodka 0,7l + desired mixers
    • 1 boittle of Freixenet Mia sparkling wine

    3. PRIVE 1000€

    • Entry passed the line
    • Free entry for your entourage (reg. price 10€/henkilö)
    • Your own Prive-room, with private bathroom.
    • Personal waiter
    • 1 bottle of Grey Goose Magnum 1,5L vodka + desired mixers
    • 2 bottles of Lanson Naked Black 1,5L champagne

    It is possible to order additional refreshments beyond what is included in the table packages from the Namu Food & Lounge list.

    Table reservation terms and condtions:

    • The table must be redeemed before 00:00 or table will be released for reservation.
    • You can pay for your reservation directly to your waiter when redeeming the table, or you can open a tab for the evening by checking in your card.
    • Payment is possible by credit or debit card or cash on site.
    • Billing is only possible when agreed in advance and only for domestic companies.
    • When reserving a table please observe the Namu Food & Lounge age limits: Fridays 20 years and older, Saturdays 22 years and older.
    • Age limits are applicable to the entire entourage.
    • All serving at the table will be by bottle. Separate cocktails must be ordered from the bar and can not be added to the bill of the table.

    Book yourself and your friends a table at Namu’s new SMIRNOFF VIP LOUNGE for the price of 35€/person.

    This table package includes access to the VIP area, a separate VIP bar, free entry  without queuing, a drinks package as well as your own table and waiter for the whole evening. Tables are reserved for a group of 6 people or more.

    Please send inquiries and reservations to


    Reserve a table at RETROBAR, MIA SPARKLING LOUNGE tai WHITE ROOM. We reserve tables for groups of 6 people or more and the price is only 25€/person. This includes the entry fee and a drinks package. Reservations can be directed at

Go to the Namu website here.