About US

SummerSauna is the hottest experience in the metropolitan area, literally!

SummerSauna offers companies and private groups a unique sauna-experience. The sauna-ferry offers a wonderful time in the sauna for approximately 10 people at a time in a beautiful environment – be it in the harbor, by an island or in the middle of the sea. You can reserve SummerSauna for board meetings, corporate events, bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, a group of friends or for your summer festivities wherever you like. Our professional staff guarantees a pleasant stay for the guests and provides you with an adventure anywhere in the Southern Finnish archipelago for up to 12 people (only during private events is it possible to have a cruise with a bigger group). The ferry can be moved to a pier or jetty of your choice, but permission for this must be acquired beforehand.

The summer sun will warm up your event on the rooftop terrace, cold drinks from the bar will refresh you while in the sauna or quench your thirst after a swim. SummerSauna is a unique experience during festivals and events by the sea, such as PokerRun, Hanko Regatta, Pori Jazz or stage dances on nearby islands. We will tailor a package deal according to your wishes!